PRIMO showcases a combination of world brands with unique flavours that accentuate myriad interiors and are usually complemented with ready stocks.



    High on creativity and art, Mobella takes to nature for inspiration. Elements like blooming flowers, poufs shaped like rhino horns, etc., are interestingly interpreted to craft unconventional and timeless masterpieces in tan leather, textured fabrics, wood and more.



    Clean lines, sleek geometry and minimalism, Camerich is what the elite Indian appreciates. Quintessentially, its lineage exudes a refined taste created with natural elements like wood, fabric, leather, etc. Surely a treat for connoisseurs with a developed taste.



    A fusion of fashion and form, the EgoItaliano collection is an outcome of Europe’s most innovative motion technologies and modern designs. Fresher metal colors such as titanium & gold, vibrant leathers and electric motor fittings, reinforce its futuristic approach.



    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of recliner chairs, Zedere is a high definition successory, for the achievers. Ergonomically designed, these are complemented with super-soft cushioning and separate leg rests.



    Based in Atlanta, USA, the World’s Leading Premium Mattress Brand offers the ultimate in sleep luxury and posture support. Pioneering industry advancements in comfort and support since 1870, Simmons offers the best mattress for your lifestyle, whether you’re exploring the renowned Beautyrest Original Pocketed Coil® spring Mattress or the revolutionary e-Ion CRYSTAL™ BackCare Mattress.



    Magniflex, Italy has been revolutionizing the mattress industry since the early sixties. The craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing. Since then, over a billion people have been provided with a peaceful sleep thanks to models and solutions designed to meet the needs of comfort, relaxation and health.